Enter the Midnight World- Mental Health and Gaming

I remember the first time I was depressed. Not sad, not down, legitimately and medically depressed. It was one of the worst phases of my life, but so has every other episode of serious depression. What I don’t remember was the first manic episode. I don’t know if it was in high school or before […]

Gardens of Fog – By Take This.Org

Welcome back! It’s been a while since we’ve updated this page. You can find more of our work happening at www.highlevelgames.ca. Keep on the Heathlands is now officially a part of High Level Games and we recommend you check the site out for great content from great people. Over the years Keep on the Heathlands […]

Serious Game Industry 17$ Billion By 2023

We’ll be involved in running HLG Con in Atlantic City in October. Please buy tickets and come hang-out with us! Then learn about the Serious Game industry below. And now, for something completely different. A few months ago we were invited to participate in the Serious Play Conference as press. When we received this invitation […]

Darkness in WoD/RPGs/V5

*This started as a Facebook post and I realized it was too long for that. Hey, I appreciate folks that put well-reasoned opinions out there on the V5 preview, White Wolf in general, and the direction that Vampire is headed. I know that there are concerns, frustrations, and conflicting interpretations of the actions of the […]

Vampire 5th Edition Preview

Today, 6/28/2018, White Wolf Released their first preview of actual pages from Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition. Which you can find on www.worldofdarkness.com This release is exciting, both for the content and what it means for the final product being close to completion. You’ll notice this is the first post from this blog in a […]

The Night In Question Interview – Matthew Webb

No one familiar with Keep should be shocked that this Blockbuster LARP caught our attention. In fact, if I wasn’t involved in running a Convention in Atlantic City the month prior, I’d be all over the event. The Night In Question is a Sabbat focused Vampire LARP experience in the Nordic Style. That’s a lot […]

Aberrant OpNet Update

Novas, baselines, and everyone in between! I’m really excited for Aberrant 2nd Edition, if you can’t tell. So much so that I’ve been thinking about how certain elements of the setting will be updated for 2018. 1st ed came out nearly 20 years ago. Much of the world has changed in that time. Below are […]

Are Novas Human? Aberrant – 2027

What does it mean to be Human in 2027? The advent of the Nova Age has caused a lot of philosophical concerns about who is human and what does it mean to be human? Melissanda Estevez (Team Tomorrow) wrote an article for the Op-Ed section of the New York Times that caused a major stir. In […]

The Gentleman Speaks- Beckett’s Jyhad Diary Interview

Recently we published a review of the book, Beckett’s Jyhad Diary. This book takes the Vampire: The Masquerade meta-plot and updates it and looks at it through a V20 lens. From a design perspective though, it is something drastically different than most books on the market for most RPGs. This book focuses on plot and […]