Are Novas Human? Aberrant – 2027

What does it mean to be Human in 2027? The advent of the Nova Age has caused a lot of philosophical concerns about who is human and what does it mean to be human? Melissanda Estevez (Team Tomorrow) wrote an article for the Op-Ed section of the New York Times that caused a major stir. In her article, she focuses on the importance of the Catholic proclamation and the UN Resolution on the humanity of Novas. Her personal and heartfelt story about her faith and her reaction to the turmoil in her native Colombia in the wake of the Galatea’s explosion. Twitter exploded in the wake of this article, and we’ve collected a few of the major responses.

Responses were both supportive and combative.



Teragen spokesman and sympathizer Count Raoul Orzaiz came out against Estevez’ article, shocking no one with his anarchic view of Nova’s in human society. Tweets in support and tweets calling for the spokesman’s arrest flew back and forth.

The world’s sweetheart, Jennifer ‘Slider’ Landers, came out in support of her friend’s article. Many of her fellow team members in Team Tomorrow also came out to support Estevez on social media. Even Caestus Pax was filmed grunting in approval at the article, which is pretty eloquent for the TT leader in response to something of this nature.


Far-right demagogue, Jordan McDevitt added to his list of slander against Novas by coming out in seeming support of Orzaiz’ statement. Of course, that support helped him focus on his attempts to rile up violence and protests against Novas and their family members. Though McDevitt was taken off the air for several months, he recently reemerged hosting his show out of Ireland, a country willing to allow him to spread his hate.

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